How to Add Google Places Autocomplete Address Field Text box in JavaScript

In this article, learn how to add a Place Autocomplete search bar to your webpage with the client-side Maps JavaScript API with Google Places Autocomplete. First, you need a billing details added to Google Cloud Platform. Otherwise, you will get “Places API error: BillingNotEnabledMapError” and they say “You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud […]

Motivational Quotes for Students : Your Education

Your education doesn’t mean sh#t. Here is some motivational quotes for students that change your life. Glowing exam results, impressive qualifications, or any other fact you were once head, do not decide how successful or unsuccessful you will be in life. you know life is beautiful. All you need to do is love your life. […]

How to download YouTube videos

In this article I am going to discuss “How to download youtube videos” without going to any website. 1. Step – Go to Go to and select your video to download. 2. Step – In the address bar, type ‘ss’ before (refer the below image) and then press enter. 3. Step – […]

Javascript Array Sort | How to sort an array with string and numbers

As you know JavaScript sort() function is for sort an array alphabetically. before getting to javascript array sort with string and numbers. let’s learn simple javascript array sort. const vehicles = [“Car”, “Bus”, “Van”, “Lorry”, “Bike”]; vehicles.sort(); //Output -> [“Bike”, “Bus”, “Car”, “Lorry”, “Van”] As you can see the sort() method sorts an array alphabetically. […]

Top Helpful CSS Layouts Generators

In developing, there are many problems in CSS. When we try to hard code CSS, it is time consuming. There are lot of features and online tools are in internet. Here is the “top helpful css layouts generators free” that every developer need to know. Make a note these are responsive css layout generators and […]

Best Free WordPress Plugins For Performance

In this article I am going to talk about several free plug-in that you can use to increase the performance of your wordpress website. In here, I am going to be focusing on free wordpress plugins and free matters that we can use to eagle for speed for my wordpress site. I understand that the […]

Dog Breeds: Top 10 and the Most Popular

What is a Dog breed? According to American Kennel Club, they recognises 199 dog breeds and in totally there are over 340 dog breeds known throughout the world. Let’s see what the most popular dog breeds in the world. People have been breeding dogs since prehistoric times also called “man’s best friend”. The earliest dog […]

Github all commands you need to know

Here is a cheatsheet for all the GitHub commands. 1. git help Take help from GitHub help section for different commands and other errors 2. git init To create a local git repository for us in our store folder. This will help to manage the git commands for that particular repository. This means “Initialise a […]