10 Websites to learn coding for free

These days, learning to code can be very affordable. There are ton of free resources are available to learn code for free. In here I am going to show you what are the best free websites for learn coding. In the below you can see the websites and platforms that provide free learning facilities in Documentation based and Video tutorial based. You can follow both types to learn coding. So let’s start “10 Websites to learn coding for free” article.

  • 01. W3schools
  • 02. Tutorialspoint
  • 03. FreecodeCamp
  • 04. Javatpoint
  • 05. Hackr.io
  • 06. Sololearn
  • 07. Geeksforgeeks
  • 08. Codecademy
  • 09. Youtube
  • 10. Stack Overflow

1. w3schools.com | 10 Websites to learn coding for free

For a beginner, this is the website that you can start coding right now. from Zero to Hero level you can achieve using this website. Remember this is a Documentation bases learning website.

10 Websites to learn coding for free

In here you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, PHP, jQuery, Java, C++, ReactJS, NodeJS, Sass, Git, AngularJS etc. Visit their website to get more information – https://www.w3schools.com.

They have an Online Editor

They also have some paid courses and also they provide a platform to build website in their spaces. If you want to change it to your domain and space, This feature also included.

2. tutorialspoint.com

10 Websites to learn coding for free

They also have tons of free tutorials. Go to https://www.tutorialspoint.com/tutorialslibrary.htm and you can see those tons of free tutorials. This website also a documentation based website.

3. FreecodeCamp.com

10 Websites to learn coding for free
Freecodecamp – 10 Websites to learn coding for free

This is also a documentation based learning website. You can not only learn to code. also you can Build your project and earn some certificates. They have 8000+ projects and tutorials to learn code for free. That is a huge opportunity to beginner developers.

4. javatpoint.com

10 Websites to learn coding for free
javatpoint – 10 Websites to learn coding for free

This also has lot of free tutorials and courses

5. hackr.io | 10 Websites to learn coding for free

hackr.io – 10 Websites to learn coding for free

This is a website that you can collect lot of tutorials in the web.

06. sololearn

Sololearn – 10 Websites to learn coding for free

You can find the courses that they are providing in https://www.sololearn.com/learning. They also provide a free certificate. Follow up and get your certificate now.

07. Geeksforgeeks

10 Websites to learn coding for free

08. codecademy


Codecademy is one of the best sites to learn coding. They are providing lot of free tutorials.

09. Youtube

While all the other resources mentioned in this websites contain mostly documentation based websites and practical guides, it is always a good idea to explore your thoughts and learn more through visuals and images, especially in the form of videos. YouTube is one such platform that is home to tons of free programming and coding content that will allow its viewers to learn and intuitively code alongside the runtime of the video. Search any kind of a tutorial in YouTube, you will get the result in one second.

10. Stack Overflow | 10 Websites to learn coding for free

This is the most important website in our programming life. Always we need this website. Because this is the solution based platform to all of your problems in programming life. Make a bookmark to this website https://stackoverflow.com. you will always need this website. If you search a solution for a problem in you code, you will get the answer from here. You can search “how to create custom card in flutter” and you will get the stack overflow result in the top of the google search result.

10 Websites to learn coding for free

Conclusion | 10 Websites to learn coding for free

Self learning is the most important learning method in your life. I think you met a lot of teachers, lectures. But you already know they are providing the basics or some advanced learning materials. Out of that box you have to go ahead with your learning. Otherwise you can’t get more experience in the field that you are following.

My vision in this post is to provide you to be a self learner. That is why I published top 10 free website to learn coding. Follow this websites and improve your coding skills with best practices.

So Good Luck for your Future.

Thank you for reading. If you are interesting on my article, make sure to follow my other articles as well. Make sure to leave a comment.

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