Introduction to Express.js

What is Express.js

This is a framework that runs within Node.js. that allows developers to create and maintain servers. We can write server-side logic in java script for web and mobile applications.

We can use Express with the main stack and the nerd stack.

What are Mean Stack,

  • mongoDB
  • Angular
  • Nodejs

What are nerd stack,

  • Reactjs
  • database

The primary use of Express is to provide server side logic for web and mobile apps. Because Express.js is a fast and lightweight framework used major for web application development.

Features of Express.js

  • Can work with various engines
  • Follow the MVC architecture( Model-View-Controller )
  • Error handling middleware.

Installing Express.js

You have to install Node.js first or you need to make sure that you have already installed. You can use,

npm install -g express

in the node command prompt.