The way to Express JS

What is Express JS

First we go with ExpressJS documentation, ExpressJs is a fast, un-opinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js. This is a framework that runs within Node.js. that allows developers to create and maintain servers. We can write server-side logic in java script for web and mobile applications. This is The way to Express JS. So let’s start the article.

With ExpressJs we don’t need to care about low level protocols, processes. ExpressJs handle all of that. We can use Express with the main stack and the nerd stack. It provides strong set of features for web and mobile application. We can say that ExpressJs is a layer build on top of the node.js which helps to manage and routes.

ExpressJs has been called the de facto standard server framework for Node.js. ExpressJs is used as the back-end of the MERN stack along with the mongo DB database and front-end AngularJS

What IS MEAN Stack,

What are NERD stack,

The primary use of Express is to provide server side logic for web and mobile apps. Because Expressjs is a fast and lightweight framework used major for web application development.


  • Can work with various engines.
  • It is very pluggable and flexible which means that there is no “best way” to do something. It has a lot of freedom.
  • Fast input/output.
  • Single threaded and asynchronous.
  • Follow the MVC architecture( Model-View-Controller )
  • Error handling middleware that means It allows the setup of middleware to address HTTP requests


You have to install Node.js first or you need to make sure that you have already installed. You can use,

npm install -g express

in the node command prompt.

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