9 eyebrow-raising facts about Tesla Gigafactory

Elon Musk is sort of a superhuman, and we assume you don’t argue with us for that statement. He always comes up with startling ideas, and Tesla Gigafactory is one such conception he made a reality over the years. First of all, in Tesla Gigafactory, they manufacture electric vehicle parts, lithium-ion batteries and most of other Tesla accessories; this mammoth factory is located in Storey County, Nevada. Today, we thought to reveal some of the unknown and exciting facts about Tesla Gigafactory for your observation. Let’s start “9 eyebrow-raising facts about Tesla Gigafactory

01. It’s big, yes, really big.

The Tesla Gigafactory is an outrageously big plant; yes, it covers around 126 acres which is more or less the size of 100 soccer fields! In other words, this Tesla factory occupies a space of 13 million square feet, and it’s the World’s second-largest building; the biggest one is Boeing’s factory which is in Washington. Obviously, Boeing produces air crafts over there, and it suggests how enormous the Tesla Gigafactory is.

02. It’s using renewable energy.

Not only this Tesla plant produces environment-friendly green technology to the World, but the whole production itself running with renewable energy.

It’s hardly a surprise given how the boss goes about the work. Now, they are one of the largest solar panel makers in America as well.

03. It’s diamond-shaped.

The outlook of Tesla Gigafactory is very much similar to baguette-cut diamond, and that’s for a reason. There is nothing amorous behind this conception as well; the diamond shape of the building allows the solar panels that are placed on the roof to work much efficiently to extract more power. In addition, they painted the top in white to keep things comfortable and relaxed; and, it comes handy for a better reflection as well.

04. It’s earthquake-proof

You don’t want such a massive and high-cost building to get vanished by natural disasters, right? Especially not with Elon Musk, Tesla has made sure the factory is earthquake-proof with four various foundations making no space for earthquakes to tear the building apart.

05. No third party contractors.

When it comes to such big projects, companies usually go with independent contractors to accomplish the task as per their requirement. But, it’s not the case with Tesla Gigafactory. Instead, Tesla got the contractor license, and the construction was done under the personal supervision of Musk. Yes, they did hire subcontractors, but the whole process was under the control of the company. Moreover, the construction process ran 24*7 with about a thousand workers on-site at a time.

06. Nevada got a fire engine from Tesla.

Obviously, they wanted to strengthen up the fire safety measurement given that they are playing with high explosive Lithium batteries. In fact, Tesla has invested over $4.7 million alone for this purpose, and they are well-equipped with a total “fire command center” as well. Further, the Storey County has received a full fire engine from Tesla to their fire safety department.

07. Its water tank can hold 1.5 million gallons of water.

There is nothing to get surprised with this feature, as the World’s second-largest factory, they do need water for various purposes. Usually, an Olympic swimming pool contains approximately 660,000 gallons of water, and Tesla’s water tank is more than two times bigger than an Olympic swimming pool.

Actually, we are not in a position to figure out what is the exact purpose of having such a big water tank but, it must be a decision of Musk, and we all know who he is!

08. Old trains converted to batteries.

Yes, you read that right, and we already know recycling is going to be an integral part of this Tesla unit. Tesla is on course to execute stuff that no battery manufacturer has tested or did before.

Musk once said they are planning to bring old trains into the factory and release them as batteries out of the factory. With the use of state-of-the-art machines and recycling methods, it seems like trains won’t be the only thing they are aiming to recycle at their factory.

09. World’s biggest Lithium-ion battery manufacturer

Concerning Lithium consumers, Tesla ranks high above big names like Apple and Samsung. The forecasts are clear that Tesla Gigafactory is on track to become the World’s biggest Lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant. Further, Tesla has long-term plans to produce around one million cars annually and to power those they hope to enhance battery production at their Gigafactory. And, Tesla predicts that they are focusing on reducing the battery prices up to 30% if everything goes according to the plan.


As we said, Elon Musk is a genius of a man, and the concept of Tesla Gigafactory is another example of his out of box thinking.

Actually, from our point of view, it’s a privilege to live in an era where people like Musk are doing wonders. Ok, guys, It’s a wrap from our end, and do let us know your take about this article via a comment. Cheers!

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