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About the blog

Welcome to builditmasters.com. This is a Information Technology blogger with other Software tutorial articles. Android Developing, Programming languages, Software tutorials  are the main categories in this blog. Some other categories are not yet completed. But I am sure, I will give you the all articles, what I am going to publish with this blog. So read those articles and send me a reply. You can find the articles under categories section in the right side bar. This is not a business or a company or a Institute. This is only a blogger site.

About Us

I am Osanda Malimbada Gamage, You can follow me in, GitHub - ozandabb Facebook - Osanda Malimbada Gamage LinkedIn - Osanda Gamage or you can send me an Email to osanda.gamage.79@gmail.com or info@builditmasters.com. Skills - Java, Python, C++, C#, C , Android, PHP, Object Oriented Concepts, Data Structures and Algorithms, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

What I write about

All posts are about Information Technology posts. Sometimes I write Professional Skills posts. because I love to develop my personal skills. So I think you also want to develop personal skills. So I am here to help you with a post. In that posts I am going to write how to develop all the skills with step by step. Information Technology posts, I am going to cover programming languages and software tutorials. In the programming languages, I write C, C#, C++, Java, Python, Asp.net Framework and in the software tutorials, I write Android Studio, Visual Studio and other software tutorials. This About Us page give you the information about who we are. So If you have any problems Send us a mail.( Go to Contact us )