Android OTP verification using firebase

Hello Android Lovers. Let’s see how the Android OTP verification works in Android Development using Firebase. In here I am going to design two screens. Phone number Enter screen and OTP verification screen. Let’s design those screens first. Design 01 – Phone Number Enter Screen In here, I am getting Full name, Phone number and […]

How to download files Firebase to Android device

Hello Android lovers, In here I am going to discuss “How to download files firebase to Android device“. That means we are going to add a download button to your android application and when it click your file will download to your device. If you are a newbie to Android. Follow and refer articles. Android […]

How to create Music Player with Firebase – 2021

Hello Android Studio Lovers. In this article I am going to discuss How to create music player with firebase in Android Studio. First of all we need Android Studio, If you are a new user to Android Studio, Install First. (Click here to learn how to install Android Studio) Let’s back to article “How to […]