How to Create Welcome Screen in Android Studio

Creating the Project First you need to download and install the Android Studio (You can use “How to install android studio on windows for android developers? ” article in my blog). Also In that article has how to create the project. Refer that article first. So then let’s see how to create welcome screen in android […]

Mobile Application Design and Development

Outcomes in here In this article I am going to discuss Mobile Interface design, User experience and user Interface, principles of mobile user Interface, principles of User Interface components, Mobile UI design frameworks and mobile Evaluation. Okay then let’s start learning. Mobile Interface design In this “Mobile Application Design and Development” article, this is the […]

Android Fragments

Get started… In here I am going to discuss how to use fragments in android studio. Very firstly we want a new project to create fragments. Follow the steps in the below. Start a project name “Android Fragments”. I am going to change the layout from Constraint layout to Linear layout. For that go to […]

Data Handling in Mobile Application Development

In here… you can learn persistence techniques in Android Applications and you can understand the database handling of mobile technology using SQLite as the database tool. Because in this article I am going to show you how to handle the databases using SQLite technology. Therefore In the next article I am going to show you […]

Let’s design a simple mobile application

Create a project To create a project you can refer Android Studio Beginning article. Choose your project as a empty activity and the language is Java. So I am going to name it as “Simple Program”. Very firstly, let’s discuss what is a layout in Android Studio. What is a Layout ? Layout is the […]

Let’s familiar with Mobile Application Development

Native Mobile Application A native mobile app is an application which is developed using platform-specific development tools. So these applications are developed individually for each of the three popular mobile operating systems. For example iOS Android Windows. So in here I am going to tech you, android operating system. Because Android is the most popular […]

Android Studio Beginning

How to install android studio on windows for android developers?  For the android studio beginners, I am going to tech you how to install android studio. it will be step by step. It is very easy and very simple. But the installation process can take a while. Very firstly you must know the performance of […]