JavaScript Arrays’ Methods

Array push() The push() method adds a new element to the end of the array. const vehicles = [“Car”, “Bus”, “Van”, “Lorry”, “Bike”]; vehicles.push(“Plane”); //Output -> [“Car”, “Bus”, “Van”, “Lorry”, “Bike”, “Plane”] and also you can get new array length by implementing like this, const vehicles = [“Car”, “Bus”, “Van”, “Lorry”, “Bike”]; let length = […]

Some Programming basics you need to know – Part 01

HTTP Methods, HTTP Status Codes, Event in JavaScript, JavaScript Array Examples 01. HTTP Methods GET – Request some data from a server POST – Submits a new resources to a server PUT – updates a resource on the server DELETE – delete a resource on the server PATCH – Updates a resource on the server […]

Basic Programming Language Coding

01. “Hello world” in Different Programming Language Python print( “Hello World” ) Java System.out.print( “Hello World” ) C++ std::cout