git cherry-pick and git archive commands

Let’s learn git cherry-pick and git archive commands. 1. What is git cherry-pick This command is the most important command in your programming life. You can pick any commit from your branch that you want to merge with any other branches git cherry-pick [COMMIT-HASH] git cherry-pick doesn’t change or modify repository history. git cherry-pick does […]

How to do git fetch – Git fetch example commands

Let’s learn “How to do git fetch – Git fetch example”. The git fetch command downloads commits, files, and refs from a remote repository into your local repo. git fetch origin git fetch origin [BRANCH_NAME] Simply we can say, git fetch [alias] Then you need to rebase those changes git rebase If you have any […]

Git config username and password global commands

Github is a distributed version control system which helps to manage the repositories. If you don’t know what is GiHub, you can click here to learn. Here are the commands in “Git config username and password global” 1. Basic configure GitHub. like you email, username git config 2. This is for sets configuration username on […]