How to Like a Facebook page

Are you new to Facebook? It’s okay. In here, I am going to tell you “How to Like a Facebook page”. In your mobile Facebook application or your desktop application, go find the search bar. Then search what you want. I am searching “Elon Musk” (Don’t know about Elon Musk click here).

How to Like a Facebook page
Search the result

As you can see, there are so many results shown in the result page. There is a small navigation bar in the top under the search bar. Scroll horizontally a little bit, you can see “pages” Navigation Item. When you click that, you will see the pages related to the search. Like that, you can search and choose any category like groups, people etc.

After choosing your page, go inside it.

How to like a facebook page
How to like a facebook page

Then you can see a like button. Press it………

That’s it. Easy right?

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