Java Programming Introduction

A small history of java

Java is a Object Oriented language created by James Gosling from Sun Microsystems (Sun) in 1991. The target of Java is to write a program once and then run this program on multiple operating system. The first publicity available version of java (java 1.0) was released in 1995. So now, Sun Microsystems was acquired by the oracle Corporation in 2010. So let’s start Java Programming Introduction.

Java Programming Introduction – Installation of Java

Before install java you have to download related Java SE Development Kit (JDK). You have to download the JDK based on the system type of your operating system. To find the type of your operating system first go to control panel and search System and Security. Then click on the link. When you click on that the system following window will be displayed.

How to find the type of OS -Java Programming Introduction - Installation of Java
How to find the type of OS -Java Programming Introduction – Installation of Java

System type can be displayed under the system category. For example as per the above picture system type of the operating system is 64-bit. This may be 32-bit operating system in your computer. You can directly get the system type by right click on my computer and select properties.

Java Programming Introduction – Download Java

Now you have clear idea about the system type of your operating system. So based on the system type you can download related JDK file. Click here to download the JDK file.

Java Programming Introduction - Download Java
Java Programming Introduction – Download Java

So, select the “Accept license agreement” and install it.

Write a simple Java Program

Open the notepad and write the following source code. Just remember Java is a case sensitive language. So you have to be careful about simple and capital letters.

public class Builditmasters{

public static void main (String [] args ){

System.out.println( “Java programming” );


In here Builditmaster is the name of the java class. “public static void main (String [] args )” called main method. In here String “S” is must capital ( it means String, not string ). static’s “s” is simple. ” System.out.println( “Java programming” ) ” line is the printing command. In here “S” is capital in “System”. It means System, not system. You can write any word within the double quotation and don’t forget to put semicolon.

  • System.out.println( “BuildITMsters” );

After writing this source code, save the code in your computer with the file name. It is best practice that name of a java source file be equal to the class name and end with .java extension. In the example fiile name should be Because the class is called Builditmasters.

Compile and run your program
  • Firstly of all, open the command prompt. Then go to the java file location. Assume that the above java file has saved in the D:\JAVA\ directory. Then check the command prompt. If you are in the C drive then want to go to D drive. Because our file directory is D drive. So type D with colon in the command prompt.
  • Next step is to access the JAVA directory. To that type cd in the command prompt to change the directory. Type “cd JAVA”.
  • Next step is compiling. To that type “javac” in the command prompt.
  • Finally You can see the folder. There is a file called Builditmaster.class. It means your program compiled successfully. So, now you can run the program by typing “java Builditmasters” on the command prompt. Now you can see the output on the command prompt.

So this is the end of this article. If you have any problem regarding to this, Please Contact us.

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