Motivational Quotes for Students : Your Education

Your education doesn’t mean sh#t. Here is some motivational quotes for students that change your life. Glowing exam results, impressive qualifications, or any other fact you were once head, do not decide how successful or unsuccessful you will be in life. you know life is beautiful. All you need to do is love your life.

Motivational Quotes for Students : Your Education
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Do you know…

  • Steve Jobs ( co-founded Apple Computers ), Mark Zuckerberg ( Chief Executive Officer of Facebook ), Bill gates ( co-founder of Microsoft ), Steve Wozniak ( co-founder of Apple ) and Jack Dorsey( who is the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter) all dropped out of college.
  • Sir Richard Branson founder of the Virgin Group and he also dropped out of school at 16.
  • Rihanna, a self made billionaire left school at 16.
  • Jennifer Lawrence, one of the highest paid actress in the world, left school at 14.
  • John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods, dropped out of college six times.
  • Jay-z, a billionaire, dropped out of high school.
  • Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber, dropped out of college.
  • Katy Perry dropped out of school at 15 to pursue a music career.
  • Ralph Lauren never finished his degree.

Remember you are your own greatest investment. Whether it’s some software, a gadget, a book or an online course, spending money on expanding your knowledge and skills will never be wasted. You will drop out from school or college or university, but never stop learning. Jobs are not permanent. You can get fired or replaced at any time or you are getting paid in exchange for a skill like above people did, but never stop learning.

You make your life hard by always being in your head. Life is simple, get out of your head and get into the moment. This Motivational Quotes for Students about life will change your life. Learn something everyday and get into the moment.

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