MrBeast vs Ninja: The Ultimate Crown 2022

Crown Channel’s League of Legends tournament, officially organised a tournament with MrBeast and Ninja on 9th July 2022 at HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, United States. MrBeast vs Ninja: The Ultimate Crown 2022.

MrBeast Vs. Ninja Ultimate Crown 2022: Teams and Players

In this competition, only two teams were playing. That was team MrBeast and team Ninja. Like any standard League of Legends esports match, each team will comprise five players, as indicated below. Here is the Team members.

Team MrBeast

  • Top Lane: Voyboy
  • Jungle: Mizkif
  • Mid Lane: Yassuo
  • Bot Lane: Emiru
  • Support: MrBeast

Team Ninja

  • Top Lane: Ludwig
  • Jungle: Sapnap
  • Mid Lane: Ninja
  • Bot Lane: DoubleLift
  • Support: Tyler1

MrBeast Vs. Ninja Ultimate Crown: Prize Pool

The Ultimate Crown: The Ultimate Battle show match between MrBeast and Ninja did comprise a massive winner-takes-all $150,000 prize pool.

The main interesting thing is, MrBeast said he would roleplay as Ninja if he beat him, and if he loses would have to hang his head in shame as “The guy who lost to Ninja.”

Final Results

Game One – Team Beast Wins

Game one was an amazing start to the series, averaging over one kill per minute in a 33-minute victory for Team Beast. By fifteen minutes, Team Ninja held a marginal gold lead, though Team Beast had claimed the only neutral objectives of the game and almost doubled their opponents in kills.

Game Two – Team Beast Wins

Game two was a dominant affair, and a far more decisive win for Team Beast. Yassuo and Voyboy charging into the game, Then start the real game. Team Beast easily took the final fight of game two. however, Team Ninja managed to quickly damage the game before Team Beast could crack the final Nexus.

Bonus match

Team Beast dispatched Team Ninja in an unexpected two game sweep, So Ninja called for a third and final game. Putting an extra $50,000 for charity on the line, hoping to redeem some of his team’s pride and glory., Team Ninja was finally able to take a game off their opponents.

However, MrBeast team got 2022 Ultimate Crown Championship with the winning of $150,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

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