Android OTP verification using firebase

Hello Android Lovers. Let’s see how the Android OTP verification works in Android Development using Firebase. In here I am going to design two screens. Phone number Enter screen and OTP verification screen. Let’s design those screens first. Design 01 – Phone Number Enter Screen In here, I am getting Full name, Phone number and […]

How to download files Firebase to Android device

Hello Android lovers, In here I am going to discuss “How to download files firebase to Android device”. That means we are going to add a download button to your android application and when it click your file will download to your device. If you are a newbie to Android. Follow and refer articles. Android […]

How to create Music Player with Firebase – 2021

Hello Android Studio Lovers. In this article I am going to discuss How to create music player with firebase in Android Studio. First of all we need Android Studio, If you are a new user to Android Studio, Install First. (Click here to learn how to install Android Studio) Let’s back to article “How to […]

Data Handling in Mobile Application Development 2021

In here… you can learn persistence techniques in Android Applications and you can understand the database handling of mobile technology using SQLite as the database tool. Because in this article I am going to show you how to handle the databases using SQLite technology. Therefore In the next article I am going to show you […]