How to Like a Facebook page

Are you new to Facebook? It’s okay. In here, I am going to tell you “How to Like a Facebook page”. In your mobile Facebook application or your desktop application, go find the search bar. Then search what you want. I am searching “Elon Musk” (Don’t know about Elon Musk click here). As you can […]

How to unlike multiple pages on Facebook

How to unlike multiple pages on Facebook, here are some tips to do that. In here, we discuss both in mobile and desktop devices. How to unlike a single Facebook page – Both Mobile and Desktop First, you can go to the relevant page. Then, you can see a like button. If you click that […]

How to Add Google Places Autocomplete Address Field Text box in JavaScript

In this article, learn how to add a Place Autocomplete search bar to your webpage with the client-side Maps JavaScript API with Google Places Autocomplete. First, you need a billing details added to Google Cloud Platform. Otherwise, you will get “Places API error: BillingNotEnabledMapError” and they say “You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud […]

How to download YouTube videos

In this article I am going to discuss “How to download youtube videos” without going to any website. 1. Step – Go to Go to and select your video to download. 2. Step – In the address bar, type ‘ss’ before (refer the below image) and then press enter. 3. Step – […]

Javascript Array Sort | How to sort an array with string and numbers

As you know JavaScript sort() function is for sort an array alphabetically. before getting to javascript array sort with string and numbers. let’s learn simple javascript array sort. const vehicles = [“Car”, “Bus”, “Van”, “Lorry”, “Bike”]; vehicles.sort(); //Output -> [“Bike”, “Bus”, “Car”, “Lorry”, “Van”] As you can see the sort() method sorts an array alphabetically. […]