UFC 277 : No doubt Amanda Nunes champ once again

Here we go again. Champ champ once again. According to ESPN, “Amanda Nunes battered and bloodied Julianna Peña for five brutally one-sided rounds on Saturday night to regain her women’s bantamweight championship in the main event of UFC 277 at American Airlines Center in Dallas. Thus Nunes, who also is a featherweight champ, is back to her status as a rare champion reigning simultaneously in two weight classes.”

At age 34, Nunes still is a fearsome force. And after 26 pro fights, she still is motivated. “I feel like I can grow even more,” Nunes said in the Octagon after the win. #UFC 277

Amanda lost the first fight on purpose to make bank on the rematch knowing she could end Pena anytime she wanted.If you’re gonna have to lose to sell PPVs, lose to someone you know you’d beat easily in the rematch in UFC 277.


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